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The Legend of Leigh Bowery


As I’m doing my Self Initiated Project about Club Kids, last night I watched a documentary about the legendary performance artist/fashion designer/pop star extraordinaire Leigh Bowery.

I think I’m now a little bit obsessed with him. He lived pretty much his whole life as a performance, as a persona. He was a fashion designer, yet he didn’t want other people to wear his clothes – he wanted to design clothes for only himself. He was essentially, the very first Club Kid, yet is hugely under-rated. He was well known for wearing completely bizarre outfits, and often for wearing nothing but a fake vagina (including a home-made wig). He just seemed dead cool.

I think the thing that I like the most about Leigh is that he is entirely about self-expression, looking how you want to look, doing what you like and being exactly who you like. I think underneath it all that’s what being a Club Kid is all about – having a really good time and not giving a fuck about anyone else.