We were again split into groups. We were each allocated a drawing material, we got chalk. The aim of the game is to make a 1 minute video explaining something about chalk or how it works etc.

We actually found out a really interesting fact about chalk – it isn’t actually chalk, it’s made from the same thing used to make Plaster of Paris which is Calcium Sulfate. So we came up with the idea of chalk being a lie, and probably spent too much time overthinking this idea.

We’ve actually got an idea that we’re going with now. The fact that chalk might be useless for a lot of things, but as chalk it is on top of it’s game. We’re gonna test out how chalk performs as lots of other (ridiculous) things, such as a cigarette, or eyeshadow. Obviously it won’t do very well, then we’re gonna test it as chalk to show that yes, chalk is shit at doing a lot of stuff but it is brilliant as chalk.

This was by far the project I’ve found most difficult, I’m glad we’ve got a decent idea that we can film cos I was really worried we were gonna end up with nothing.


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