Once again we were split into groups but this time we were allocated a typographic term. We were given colour. Colour in typography isn’t what we thought it was, it’s “the apparent blackness of text on a page” so it’s basically about how “black” and dense text can look.

Originally we thought about physically manipulating physical text that we would make to change the colour of it, but we gave up on this idea due to the fact it seemed pretty much impossible in the timescale we had, and it didn’t really sum up the meaning of colour.

We decided instead to do a colour chart of colour, like Pantone colour swatches. We created various levels of “blackness” by manipulating the leading, spacing, size and various other aspects of the text.

Once again I really enjoyed this project and was happy with the results. I was quite surprised that there could actually be so much variation of colour created just by changing those things a little bit.

– awaiting pictures –


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