The year was split into groups, and allocated an organ of the body. We got the stomach. The task was to visually explain what the function of the organ was, without being too literal.

We decided that the stomach really doesn’t do much, it basically breaks the food down into smaller pieces, and even then it only does half the work as most digestion actually occurs in the instestines. Therefore we thought that the stomach is essentially a waiting room for food.

We made a video as our final piece. One by one each member of our group (representing a different piece of food) entered the “waiting room” and then left according to the amount of time it takes different foods to pass through the stomach. We laid the room out like a doctor’s surgery waiting room, and tried to make it look as blank and awkward as possible, and we had someone do a voiceover asking each piece of food to “come through now” as you hear in an actual waiting room.

I really enjoyed this project actually, and considering it was the first project we’ve done I was really happy with piece we made with it (and the grade we received).

– insert video here- (i’m trying to get hold of it, technical problems)


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