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Sponge Day 2 – TYPOMANIA


Today we were looking at type, specifically the typography in and around street markets, as it is often more quirky, creative and unusual than that usually found on shops etc. We managed to visit Shepherd’s Bush Market, Portobello Road, Brixton Market, Spitalfields and Brick Lane. We had a very long list of words that we had to attempt to find examples of typography for, I don’t think I’ve managed the whole list, but I gave it a good try. Here are a random selection of images from today:


More Procrastination


I think this is the best dog in the world. How happy does it look?!??!!?!?

The internet is great.

Why I didn’t do Illustration


Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson


Being a massive Terry Richardson fan, and also at one point having a borderline obsession with Lady Gaga (sort of gone off her a bit now – music wise anyway) I was quite excited when I heard they had collaborated to create Lady Gaga x Terry Richardson, a collection of 450 images taken over a year of her life.

The Legend of Leigh Bowery


As I’m doing my Self Initiated Project about Club Kids, last night I watched a documentary about the legendary performance artist/fashion designer/pop star extraordinaire Leigh Bowery.

I think I’m now a little bit obsessed with him. He lived pretty much his whole life as a performance, as a persona. He was a fashion designer, yet he didn’t want other people to wear his clothes – he wanted to design clothes for only himself. He was essentially, the very first Club Kid, yet is hugely under-rated. He was well known for wearing completely bizarre outfits, and often for wearing nothing but a fake vagina (including a home-made wig). He just seemed dead cool.

I think the thing that I like the most about Leigh is that he is entirely about self-expression, looking how you want to look, doing what you like and being exactly who you like. I think underneath it all that’s what being a Club Kid is all about – having a really good time and not giving a fuck about anyone else.


I feel like WeTheUrban need a mention since their blog is one of my favourites, you can find it here

Amazing Gold Lomography Cameras


I really, really want a Lomography camera, and after seeing these I especially want a GOLD Lomography camera.


why can’t I find a blogging platform that works for me? ūüė¶



Sitting around working off computers isn’t really my sort of thing to be honest, and for that reason I found the InDesign Workshop a little bit boring.

However it was very, very useful and I learnt completely from scratch to be able to make a decent looking piece of design on a programme I’ve never used before, which is amazing cos I take forever to learn how to use programmes.

I’m quite pleased with my finished piece, however I think it could be a little too close to the original.

BLK Water


It is black spring water from Canada.  It’s infused with fulvic acid (a naturally occuring substance found in pre-historic plant matter.  Because fulvic acid is naturally black it changes the molecules of the water, making them black).  It has a pH balance of 9.0.  It has natural electrolytes and 77 trace minerals from the fulvic acid.  It actually regenerates the cells in your body faster than regular water and is a high antioxidant.  But ultimately still tastes like WATER because that’s what it is.

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